Aspen Shoves His Beautiful Raw Cock into Nick Milani’s Big and Beautiful Ass-Bait Buddies

Welcome to another special edition of BaitBuddies! Nick Milani and Aspen are back in this All-Star Buddies edition and we’re glad to have them! After going gay for pay at BaitBuddies, both Nick and Aspen have really evolved sexually! Over the years, Nick has discovered that he’s definitely a bottom while Aspen has discovered that he likes almost anything and everything. And, both guys still have a lot more growing to do and a lot more time to do it in. Nick tells Caruso that he thinks he may have peaked sexually but then he went on to say that he’s curious about fisting! You heard that right! And Aspen said he loved it as well! Caruso definitely wasn’t expecting that! But he’s happy to see that both guys are comfortable in their own skin and proud of who they are! Watch Nick and Aspen swap blowjobs for a while before Aspen shoves his big and beautiful cock into Nick’s big and beautiful ass! After all, Nick’s ass says that it’s a 10/10!

Posted on August 26, 2021

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Bait Buddies-Aspen Shoves His Beautiful Raw Cock Into Nick Milani’s Big and Beautiful Ass-Bareback

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