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Avery Jones Bottoms For Kane Fox-Bareback-CockyBoys

CockyBoys: Kane Fox is definitely worth waiting for…as Avery Jones will show you here. He patiently luxuriates in a bathtub anticipating Kane’s arrival and when he shows up, Avery lights up. They subtly flirt as they get to know each other and as Kane plays with Avery’s feet. Kane accepts Avery’s invitation to join him in the tub!

Soon they work in tandem, and Kane takes over. He keeps fucking Avery hard, until Avery goes over the edge and shoots his load on the mirror. He wastes no time scooping it up and having Kane fuck it into him. Now it’s Kane that’s ready to blow, and he sits back to stroke out his thick load and give Avery a big, open-mouthed facial, super hot!

Posted on May 12, 2021

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Avery Jones Bottoms For Kane Fox-Bareback-CockyBoys

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