Chef At Home-Ashton Summers Plowed By Married Man William Seed’s Thick Manrammer-MEN

William’s got everything he needs for his lady’s birthday: the perfect flowers, the perfect card, and the perfect gift of a gourmet meal by a private chef. But when Chef Ashton Summer arrives, he thinks William looks good enough to eat! Ashton winks at William behind his girlfriend’s back, then proceeds to get totally naked except for his apron and lube up his ass with oil.

When Ashton spells out “Fuck me!” in sauce, William takes the lean, tattooed chef’s ass in front of the fridge, then Ashton sucks William’s cock under the table. William can’t pose for a selfie when his cock is getting devoured like a kielbasa, so his girlfriend stalks off to sulk. The hungry top pounds Ashton on the table till the chef is covered in both their special sauce!

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Chef At Home-William Seed, Ashton Summers-MEN

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