Daddy’s Big Lesson-Josh Cavalin and Dave London-Barback-BringMeABoy

Daddy’s Big Lesson-BringMeABoy:I love my stepson, but that love means I have to help raise him to be the best version of himself he can be. That includes helping him with his biology homework, especially when he has to draw male reproductive organs. He needed a more hands-on approach to get the proportions right. I pulled my cock out so he could draw more of a life study. Then he got close and put his mouth on it. It was hard and ready for further examination. But he didn’t need much help when it came to what to do with it. His mouth felt amazing on my wood, but he still needed a little more help, so I made sure he knew how good it felt in his ass, something his mom knows nothing about. After sucking his dick and eating his ass, I fucked his tiny hole until we both exploded. He should now with flying colours. Josh Cavalin and Dave London.

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Daddy’s Big Lesson-Josh Cavalin and Dave London-Barback-BringMeABoy

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