Dani Welcomes Dan-D.Dan Fucks Dani Robles-Bareback-Menatplay

Dani Welcomes Dan: As Menatplay’s resident ambassador, Dani Robles has prepared the set for an on-camera interview with a new model. When D.Dan arrives, Dani is stunned by the sexy Swedish muscle daddy. At first, like many new performers, D.Dan is reserved but flashes a polite smile. Luckily, Dani is a pro and knows just how to make Dan feel relaxed on set.

D.Dan is almost done getting suited when Dani approaches and helps him with the cufflinks. He finds the sight of the suited daddy hard to resist – and he’s ready to play! Finally, Dani asks D.Dan to unzip his pants so he can properly welcome him to Menatplay, and it all ends with a splashing suit bukkake. D.Dan, Dani Robles. Menatplay

Posted on March 26, 2022

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Dani Welcomes Dan-D. Dan Fucks Dani Robles-Bareback-Menatplay

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