Uncles and Nephews 3, Scandal and Manipulation-Bareback-Lucas

Sergeant Miles Dominates and Pounds The Cum Out Of Nephew Drew Dixon

Paul (Nick Capra), Jeffrey (Adam Russo), Markus (Sergeant Miles) and Bryson (Drew Dixon):  The grudge that Bryson feels toward Paul is now spilling over onto his uncle, Markus, after Bryson confronts him. Not only does Bryson rage against Markus for having sex his father, he admits that he recorded it. Markus has a short fuse, and his rage boils over. But Markus’ red-hot temper is exactly what Bryson wants, because he’s always had a sexual attraction toward his uncle, and he’s always ached to be roughed up by the butch manly man that Markus is. Will Markus, once again, give in to his secret fantasies of being with men, this time using Bryson?

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Uncles and Nephews 3, Scandal and Manipulation-Sergeant Miles, Drew Dixon

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