Unmasked: British Hunk Craig Marks’ Hot Ass Is Plowed by French Stud Doryann Marque-Bareback-MEN

Unmasked: British hunk Craig Marks puts on a white domino mask and a tailored suit, while French stud Doryann Marque straps on a black half-face mask and an impeccable ensemble, both geared to make an impression at the masquerade. In this hot scene, their eyes meet through a peephole, Doryann beckons Craig to enter his dungeon, where they quickly cast off their masks and their clothes Craig Marks, Doryann Marque. MEN.

Posted on May 9, 2022

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Unmasked: Craig Marks Fucked by French Stud Doryann Marque-Bareback-MEN

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