REMOVED A Helping Hand – Cristian Sam, Manuel Reyes


A Helping Hand: Manuel Reyes has been asked to work late and let in the technician who will repair the projector before a board meeting the following day. Manuel isn’t happy about having had to wait around – until he meets the blue-collar stud, Cristian Sam. Cristian is wearing grey worker pants, a white t-shirt, and VPL (visible penis line).

Once they get to the conference room, Manuel simply points to the projector without saying a word and starts to walk away (but not before taking a good look at the big dicked Argentian).

Cristian catches the young, suited stud staring at him and asks for a helping hand. Manuel’s mood changes instantly and is ready to get down to “business” with the big-dicked blue-collar stud. Cristian Sam, Manuel Reyes. Menatplay.