REMOVED: Accidental Pornstar – Colton Reece, Joey Mills

Accidental Pornstar: Colton Reece Drills a Load Out of Joey Mills-MEN

Accidental Pornstar: Colton Reece is so tired at the end of a night out; he gets lost and wanders into a porn set. Luckily, he finds a bedroom and lies down to rest, but he’s woken by a camera crew and bottom Joey Mills, who all think he’s the top for their scene! Colton’s got no idea what’s going on as they feed him his lines and has to pinch himself when it becomes clear he’s about to have sex with Joey. But he doesn’t need a script as the twink kisses down his chest and sucks his cock. The top fingers Joey’s hole, then Joey rides his thick cock before Colton pounds him in spoon and doggystyle. Colton looks like a real pornstar as he drills Joey’s hole and rims him, then makes the twink cum as he fucks him in missionary and gives him a facial. Joey Mills, Colton Reece, MEN.