Bred by The Mobster-Chris Damned Raws & WREAKS Nate Grimes-Bromo


Bred by The Mobster-Bromo: Nate Grimes has good reason to be nervous as he waits for mobster Chris Damned. The tattooed criminal immediately figures out something’s up, stripping Nate to find the wire taped to his chest and running his hands all over the go-between his body. There’s more money missing, so Chris bends Nate over the table, leisurely removing his expensive suit as he rims the nervous bottom, then fists his hole. Despite Nate’s best efforts, Chris finds the roll of cash stuffed up that ass, pulling it out and replacing it with his cock instead! Nate makes it up to Chris by sucking him and riding his dick reverse. Then the mobster fucks the power bottom with a baseball bat as Nate jacks off till he cums, and Chris shows him who’s boss with a facial. Bromo