REMOVED Calan & Dallen Make Love


Calan and Dallen Make Love: When Dallen got to bury his tongue in Calan’s hole and before fucking it deep the first time they met one another, it’s obvious he had himself such a good time he needed more.

Well, Dallen gets another round with Calan here but with the tables turned – it’s Calan who’s burying his face in Dallen’s ass and eating it out good and deep before sliding his cock in to Dallen’s hole and fucking him long and hard.

If Calan won Dallen over with his hole last time around, Calan’s sealing the deal with his dick this time around! He’s got Dallen whining and whimpering as he pumps his hole, then leaves Dallen soaked in cum by the time he’s done with him! Corbin Fisher