Boyfriends Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx’s Hot Flip Fuck-CockyBoys

Boyfriends Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx’s Hot Flip Fuck-CockyBoys

Daniel Evans, Evan Knoxx-CockyBoys: Ready for a hot flip fuck. CockyBoys exclusive Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx are amazing in this video. According to their stories, they met online two years ago and had a brief affair that turned into something more serious. This versatile couple has grown together sexually and freely explored their kinks.

After having a sensual encounter, Evan moves down Daniel’s body, sucking his balls and cock, and knows exactly what to do. Daniel eventually returns the favor, but in a different manner and with similar results. Evan soon wants more. He rides Daniel’s giant dick all the way. They love the momentum but decide to turn.

Evan lies down on Daniel’s stomach and kisses his powerful bod. Soon Evan begins to pound Daniel’s stomach.

But they quickly flip, with Evan riding on Daniel’s back and being driven mad by his sensually-driven cocker sucking. Daniel is bringing something special for Evan. It’s a very kinky surprise. Daniel grabs some equipment to attach Evan’s ankles and wrists to his belt and then proceeds to feed his boyfriend.

But there’s more! Evan takes Daniel’s hand and shackles Evan. It’s Daniel, who wins the battle and drills Evan with a high-energy piledriver till Evan is smashed to pieces. Daniel hoots and ends up in Evan’s belly. We witness their Grindr love story again as our happy couple kisses one more time.