Eli and Tyler: Eli Buries Every Inch in Tyler’s Ass and Coates His Hole in Cum-Corbin Fisher

Eli and Tyler: Things start off sensually and passionately here, as two guys who obviously find one another incredibly attractive are set upon one other to make out, run their hands across the other’s firm chest, and truly and thoroughly enjoy one another physically and intimately. Do they stay sensual throughout? Nope! They just get progressively more and more intense as the mutual attraction and all that pent up lust is unleashed making for a hot raw fuck!

From Tyler gagging and choking himself on Eli’s cock to Eli flicking his tongue in and out of Tyler’s hole; from Tyler’s own dick being rock-hard and pointed skyward while he bounces up and down on Eli’s dick and Eli’s hips thrusting and pumping as he buries every inch of his cock in Tyler’s ass, this is just two hot going at it from start to finish – a finish that involves Tyler’s hole being coated in cum. Eli, Tyler, Corbin Fisher.

Eli & Tyler: Eli Coates Tyler’s Hole in Cum-Corbin Fisher

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