Eli Creampies Tristan – Corbin Fisher

Eli & Tristan – Corbin Fisher

“I’ll never get tired of seeing Eli in action, especially as he’s looking hotter and hotter each time, we see him! Fans have really fallen in love with Eli’s chest hair, and he decided to give us all the gift of growing it out for us! That tight, toned, fuzzy chest combined with that handsome beard, his new haircut, and those pubes have us all going nuts for him!”

Tristan was going nuts for him here, as well. Tristan was like a kid in a candy store getting to wrap his lips around Eli’s cock and”… Eli Creampies Tristan, Corbin Fisher

Eli Creampies Tristan - Corbin Fisher
Eli Creampies Tristan - Corbin Fisher

Hunky, Hairy chested Eli dicks down and plows down a very happy Tristan!