Full Reflex Check: Dr. Johnny Ford and Quin Quire Check Out Isaac Parker’s Prostate-Doctor Tapes

Full Reflex Check: Isaac goes to Dr. Ford’s office due to a rather weird condition. He cannot take off his underwear because they are too tight. The doctor and his assistant, Quin, quickly suspect his dick has something to do with it. As they cut off Isaac’s underwear, his cock pops up, and the medical professionals realize a more thorough test is needed. Quin sucks the patient’s dick to check for his reflexes, and Dr. Ford feeds Isaac with cock to see if he responds to stimulation. The two won’t stop until they find a proper diagnosis for Isaac’s condition! Johnny Ford, Isaac Parker, Quin Quire, Doctor Tapes, Say Uncle. Gay porn

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Full Reflex Check: Dr. Johnny Ford and Quin Quire Creampie Isaac Parker-Doctor Tapes

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