Big Dicked Gymnastics Stud Grayson (SC’s Grayson) Smoking Hot Sole-Corbin Fisher

Big Dicked Gymnastics Stud Grayson’s (SC’s Grayson) Smoking Hot Sole-Corbin Fisher

Grayson was an immediate hit the moment he arrived at CF! He won over all the other guys instantly, won over those of us behind the cameras, and I suspect he’s going to win all of you over as well.

Grayson’s super friendly, outgoing, seems to constantly have a smile on his face, and was destined to make a splash at CF given how sexual he is and how much he likes to show off. He freely admits he’s very into public sex and gets off to it and likes to show off – and this young stud most definitely has plenty to show off!

Not only has Grayson done gymnastics in the past, but he also spends plenty of time in the gym now. It certainly shows, as well, given how wonderfully built he is. There’s just more and more to enjoy and appreciate about Grayson as he starts to pull those clothes off, including a big and thick cock that is just the icing on the cake with this stud. Corbin Fisher