I See You: Eric Lenn Gives Tyler Scott Some Quality Daddy Son Time-Bring Me A Boy

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I See You: I don’t often spy on my stepson, Tyler, but this day was different. I went in to see why he was so quiet. He is usually running around the house making noise. Then I found him on his bed, touching himself. It’s been years since I’ve given my boy some good daddy-son time. He was long overdue. I watched him enjoying himself as he looked into the mirror. That’s when he saw me and invited me in. My boy still knows what turns daddy on, and I joined him on the bed with his ass high in the air. We made out as he groped my dick. That’s when Tyler threw me down on the bed, ripped off my pants, and went for the real thing. I then sucked on his dick before he took my cock up his tight boy hole. It felt so good to be inside Tyler again. Watching my boy shoot made me cum spill out. Such a good boy! Eric Lenn, Tyler Scott. Bring Me A Boy.