Intensive Cum Unit Pt. 2: Patient Kaleb Stryker’s Hole Needs Nurse Michael Jackman’s Big Raw Cock-MEN

Intensive Cum Unit Part 2-MEN

Part 2-MEN:  Nurse Michael Jackman is exhausted from a long day of dealing with Hypochondriac Convention attendees. However, when gorgeous Kaleb Stryker shows up with sore knees from working the glory holes at the Nymphomaniac Convention, somehow Michael finds his second wind! Michael massages Kaleb’s legs, and just to be safe, the thorough RN gives his patient’s cock some attention too. Kaleb pulls the nurse’s dick out of his scrubs and sucks it, then climbs on to ride it. Michael’s healing hands must have helped, because Kaleb’s knees feel good enough for him to give them a workout as Nurse Michael fucks him doggystyle, then he cums hard as the Nurse Michael pounds him. Then he’s drenched with Michael’s huge load of jizz. MEN.