Jordan & Chris Get Drained: Chris Can’t Get Enough of Jordan’s Big Dick Deep Drilling-Corbin Fisher


Jordan & Chris Get Drained: Chris got a taste of Jordan and a feel for Jordan’s big dick deep inside him in a blazing hot bi action episode featured over in our Coeds section, and but now Chris is getting Jordan and Jordan’s dick all to himself!

Jordan seems to be entirely ok with this arrangement, as well – his bi threesome with Chris was his first foray in to guy/guy action, and clearly Jordan enjoyed it. He opened up his mind, let himself embrace what felt good, and surely the degree and extent to which Chris was loving Jordan’s cock certainly made an impression upon him. Wouldn’t you love it if your first time got to be with a hottie like Chris?!

Chris simply can’t get enough of Jordan and that dick and sets out to make sure he gets a good, deep drilling here. He does all he can to get Jordan worked up, get Jordan’s dick rock-hard, and get Jordan’s cock slick with spit and ready to slide into his hole. And even though Jordan’s pretty new at all this, once his dick is buried balls deep in Chris his instincts take over – he pumps and thrusts his way to a powerful orgasm that follows Chris’ own epic orgasm! Jordan, Chris. Corbin Fisher.