REMOVED: Holden and Ozzy – Holden Takes New SC Top Ozzy – Sean Cody

REMOVED: Holden & Ozzy – Sean Cody

Holden and Ozzy: Bearded Holden homes in on Ozzy’s muscular chest, pushing up his shirt to lick and suck his nipples, then buries his face in the top’s pits. He kneels to suck Ozzy’s cock, and tells the brand-new top, “I wanna ride your dick.” “Fuck yeah,” Ozzy replies, sitting on the couch so Holden can do just that. Ozzy bends the bottom over and then pounds him hard on the table with his raw sex tool till Holden nuts, and the bearded hunk can’t wait to taste Ozzy’s cum. Holden, Ozzy, Sean Cody.