Ride or Die 1-When the Going Gets Rough: Prisoner Chris Damned Stretches DA Travis Connor-Bareback-Raging


Ride or Die Scene 1-RgaingStallion: Deranged prisoner Chris Damned- a pawn in the diabolical warden’s scheme — is delivered to shady District Attorney Travis Connor’s luxury Las Vegas penthouse, where retribution for an old feud is about to go down.  But not before Travis does.  He wraps his supple lips around Chris’s hairy balls and huge uncut cock before serving up his own hard dick to the convict he put away years before.  Chris sucks Travis’s pole before grinding his musky asshole into Travis’s face.  After going for Travis’s dick and balls again, Chris spreads the DA’s smooth cheeks and drills the lawyer’s tight pink hole with his fingers and tongue.  Now open and ready, Travis gets on all-fours for a bareback doggie-style pounding. Without missing a beat, Chris continues to fury-fuck the man who locked him up, jamming his big cock in and out of Travis’s ass.  Once Travis’s cum explodes across his own stomach, Chris pulls out of the attorney’s stretched hole and adds his massive load to the dripping puddle.  The high tension and twisted power play ultimately cause Chris to snap. What payback will Chris unleash on the corrupt DA? Chris Damned, Travis Connor.