Roomies Part 1: New Roomie Cain Gomez Fucks Fernando Ragel-Latin Leche


Roomies Part 1: Fernando is interviewing candidates to fill an empty room in his apartment. He’s gay and a nudist, so he needs someone who is comfortable with his lifestyle. Lucky for him, hot Cain shows up and the chemistry between them is immediate. The two gorgeous Latinos hit it off, and Cain is bisexual, so Fernando decides to take the interview in a different direction. The room is hot, so Cain takes off his shorts, dazzling Fernando with his rocking tattoos and amazing body. As things get sexy, Cain fucks Fernando. At his, Cain claims to be a top, but his potential new roommate might be the first cock his ass needs. Cain Gomez, Fernando Ragel, Latin Leche, Say Uncle. Gay porn

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