Sneaking into his Room: A Seduced Jax Thirio Gives Stepson JJ Romeo a Lesson on Sex-Family Dick


Sneaking into his Room: JJ is blossoming into a young man, and his hormones are at an all-time high. When sharing a room with his stepdad Jax, the boy can’t stop staring at the man’s ripped body. When Jax goes to bed early, JJ finds his chance to let his fantasy run wild. Once his stepdad is fast asleep, JJ comes silently into his room and starts to suck his cock. Jax soon wakes up to find the boy trying to deepthroat him. Far from being deterred, Jax decides it’s time to give his new stepson a more personal lesson on sex with men. Jax Thirio, JJ Romeo, Family Dick, Say Uncle. Gay porn.