Stable Hand: Boyfriends Carter Collins & Oliver Marks Hot Roll Play with Cristiano-Himeros

Stable Hand-Himeros TV

Carter Collins and Oliver Marks with Cristiano. Stable Hand: A “Horse Fair” is a conceptual sex party where attendees enter as either a stallion (top) or mare (bottom). Mares arrive early, check their clothes and are led to the “stable” after being blindfolded. Stallions then arrive and have their pick of available mares. There is a great deal of anonymity, role playing and strict rules to follow.

Though inspired by Horse Fairs, our scene is a bit softer – and infused with more playfulness. Our mare gets cleaned up for the stallion, and the stable hand helps when needed. It’s also worth nothing that Oliver and Carter are real life boyfriends, which adds another layer of enjoyment to the scene. This is the first scene from our “Dirty Filthy Animals” shoot which features a dozen scenes inspired by the animal kingdom. Himeros