REMOVED: Taking Care of Business Pt. 1: Tyler Berg, Bastian

Removed Do to DMCA Complaint

Taking Care of Business Part 1: Bastian Karim is one of this year’s top underwear salesman at the company and also the first to arrive at the retreat in Torremolinos, Spain. As he marvels at the beautiful Spanish villa, he makes himself more than comfortable before getting a night’s rest for the debauchery to come. The next morning, as he is sunbathing his sexy toned body poolside, jealous runner-up salesman Tyler Berg, shows up and chucks him in the water. Needless to say, the smashing water and hot weather quickly bring both hot-toned men from roughhousing to deep rim jobbing rather quickly. After lubing up Bastian’s sexy Colombian ass with his stiff tongue, Tyler gives the young salesman a hard cock as a prize for outperforming him in overall numbers. Bastian Karim, Tyler Berg. Falcon Studios, The Bro Network, Masqulin