The Pledge-Master Ballard (Max Sargent) Teaches Young Scout Johnny Hunter A Few Things-Bareback-ScoutBoysJohnny Hunter and Max Sargent

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The Pledge-Master Ballard (Max Sargent) Teaches Young Scout Johnny Hunter A Few Things-Bareback-ScoutBoys

The Pledge-ScoutBoys: I can never seem to please Scoutmaster Ballard. Ever since I joined the Scouts, he’s been down on me. He basically finds fault in everything I do. I often wonder why I bother! If he can’t find anything else to criticize, he tells me off for not wearing my uniform neatly enough. It makes me sad. I’m trying so hard to get everything right, but the moment he appears, I just start to panic, and then I’m completely unable to do anything properly because I’m shaking so much. I just wanna go home!

He called me into his tent the other day. I thought he was going to punish me. As we walked through the woods, I started to panic, and then, as we entered, he checked to see no one had seen us going inside. He immediately told me that I needed to practice my oath. He said he didn’t like the way that I say it. I mean, I was fairly relieved he wasn’t planning to belt me or something, but it was so humiliating. He just made me stand there with my fingers up, saying the oath again and again and again until it suddenly felt threatening and I got so scared I started jumbling up the words.

Then he stood behind me and inched closer and closer until I could feel the heat of his breath on my neck. I could feel him sort of pushing himself against me, then his hands were suddenly on my hips, and moving up onto my stomach, and into the pockets of my shorts….