The Watcher Part 3: “Straight” Hottie Zane Williams Drills Roomie Kaleb Stryker-MEN


The Watcher Part 3: “Straight” Hottie Zane Williams Drills Down on Roomie Kaleb Stryker-MEN

The Watcher Part 3-MEN:  After a very hard day, Kaleb Stryker needs a backrub, and his roommate, Zane Williams, is just the guy for the job. Zane tries to act like he’s too straight to touch another dude’s back, but Kaleb knows Zane’s been watching him fuck and loving it, so he tells Zane to keep going lower. Zane gets so turned on with his hands on Kaleb’s muscular ass, he just has to fuck it before feeding Kaleb his cock. Kaleb gets to fulfill his fantasy of finally getting pounded by his roomie on the kitchen counter, then sucks out Zane’s cum before he jacks himself off. Zane Williams, Kaleb Stryker, Kaleb Stryker. MEN. Gay porn.