REMOVED: Well Trained Ethan Tate Gets Railed and Seeded by New Master Tucker Barrett-The Prize-Boy For Sale

Removed Do to DMCA Complaint

Tucker Barrett, Ethan Tate-The Prize: I slowly removed my suit jacket. He took it from me, carefully folding it and placing it down like a precious object. He knelt down again, and I was overcome by a desire to kiss him. The kiss was passionate and lingering.

I sat back down on the bed, and we continued to make out. He hungrily kissed up and down my body, focusing on my nipples before heading deep south.

He immediately and somewhat greedily gobbled my big dick deep into his throat. The boy’s clearly been trained well by his previous two masters. He gives head like a true pro now. I could have slid in and out of him like that for hours… I knew I needed to fuck him! Bring Me A Boy.