Wet 2, Heatwave Pt. 2: Josh Brady, Garrett Kinsley and Silas Brooks’ 3 Way Flip Fuck-Helix


Wet 2, Heatwave Part 2: Get ready to get drenched in dick with Part Two of Wet 2! The two smaller twinks take turns on Brady’s beefy boner before Brooks gets spit roasted by the tasty two. For his ass bangin’ encore, Josh Brady gets the two guys next to one another on all fours, then goes back and forth, tearing into both Garrett Kinsley and Silas Brooks’ hungry holes. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Kinsley is REALLY coming into his own as a performer, dishing out demands and delicious dirty talk that’ll make you drool! After Brady delivers the dual dicking, Kinsley hops on Silas’ huge hog and takes the big rig for a ride. Josh Brady, Garrett Kinsley, Silas Brooks. Helix Studios.