Wet 2, Heatwave Pt. 3-Chase Williams, Seth Peterson, Jacob Hansen

Wet 2, Heatwave Pt 3: Chase Williams, Seth Peterson and Jacob Hansen Double Team Fuck Fest-Helix

Wet 2, Heatwave Part 3: Outside, the pool party full of beautiful boys is still in full effect, at the opulent home the roommates are house sitting. Inside, Jacob Hansen, and Chase Williams are admiring the decor. They ask sexy Seth Peterson if the home is his. Without missing a beat, our boy hatches a plan. “Yes” he says, “it’s my summer home.” Then, he offers the pretty pair a tour. Eventually the guys catch on that it’s all game. However, the boy is so hot, they easily forgive the fib, and end up in the bedroom! Chase Williams, Seth Peterson, Jacob Hansen. Helix Studios.

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