REMOVED: Wet 2, Heatwave Pt. 5 – Hot, Wet, Wild and Creamy Orgy – Josh, Chase, Silas


Wet 2, Heatwave Part 5: Josh Brady, Chase Williams, Garrett Kinsley, Seth Peterson, Silas Brooks and Noah Bentley. The party rages on at the roommates’ sweet house-sitting gig. The guys guys are definitely feelin’ spicy, playing chicken and football, when Seth starts a chain reaction by taking his trunks off and initiating a skinny dip-free for all! From then on this is a ball to the wall, hot, wet, wild orgy of young dude flesh! Not wanting to accidentally put the kibosh on the house sitting set up, the six sexed up young studs head inside, where these wild things only get wilder!

Once inside, every crazy hot combo goes down, as delicious asses get drilled deep, schlongs get sucked, and asses get eaten as the horny hotties migrate from one meaty piece to another. Keeping with the “Wet” theme, hot hind-ends are hosed down with sex spunk, while mouths are filled with funk. But our boys take it on the chin, and cheeks, and keep right on cocking one another’s cans in an EPIC twink train sequence that’ll blow your mind! The fuck juiced finale finds Chase and Garrett taking a hot collection of fresh cream, as their butt buddies bust big all over them both. Talk about a wild weekend! Helix Studios.