Wet Play Part 2: Bruno Max Helps His Hardworking Man Donato Reyes Relax with Steamy Hot Sex-Bareback-Menatplay


Wet Play Part 2: Businessman Donato Reyes gets his suits tailored and dry-cleaned so that he can look impeccably polished and dress the part in his hyper-competitive work environment! It’s been a stressful day at the office and Donato is looking forward to taking a warm bath to relax. When he opens the tap, he is immediately turned on by the thought of being wet. In a state of no fucks given, he gets in the tub fully suited (including his dress shoes) and begins to play with himself. When his partner Bruno Max arrives home, he witnesses the stress-free look of satisfaction emanating from his hard-working man. It’s time for Part 2 of ‘Wet Play’ with the two handsome Spaniards, Bruno Max, and Donato Reyes. Menatplay.