Wrestling with a Secret 1 – Stepdad Devin Franco Lust for Stepson Jordan Lake – Family Dick

Wrestling with a Secret 1 – Family Dick

Wrestling with a Secret Part 1: Devin Franco notices that his stepson, Jordan Lake, is a bit under the weather, so he asks him what’s going on. The boy feels insecure after some guy he’s been dating has practically ghosted him, so Devin starts thinking of ways to boost his self-confidence. As stepson and stepdad hug, Ryan, Jordan’s stepbrother, comes into the room for a moment and then leaves. Jordan sighs in frustration but opts to ignore him and tells his stepdad he feels ugly. Devin is determined to show his stepson that he’s hot, so he proves that any boy would be happy to be with him in the best way possible: by pounding his ass. Family Dick